Spotify en Samsung on Tour

Samsung aims to generate more brand awareness and sales for the Samsung Multiroom Speaker based on an event. Primary objective: achieving sales targets on Samsung Multiroom Speakers. Secondary objectives: increasing the general brand awareness of Samsung Multi Room Speakers. Increasing credibility of high standard of Samsung audio products. Target group: consumers aged 25-44 with an actual or latent purchasing need for a wireless audio system. Period: 9 May through19 September 2015.

For this promotion, a partnership was formed with the strong brand Spotify, on brand and product level logical fit. The specially designed and accessorised Samsung & Spotify On Tour truck is visiting the Netherlands’ 12 major cities. The truck hosted their target audience at various A locations, inviting the public on board the truck to experience the Samsung Multiroom Speakers. Inside, a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and an office are available, demonstrating the Multi Room user benefits. In order to generate awareness of the Samsung & Spotify On Tour event, upcoming singer-songwriters hired by Spotify are performing on the truck build-in podium. These performances are driven by Spotify and social media. In order to realise traffic to the truck and the MediaMarkt store (the retail partner in this campaign), Samsung promotion teams hand out vouchers. This voucher outlines the sales promotions and has a unique QR code When a promotion team member scans this code on board the truck ('Scan&Win Display'), the ad-random picked prize will be shown. Prizes ranged for Samsung Multiroom Speakers to 50% discount on a Multiroom Speaker set, Spotify Premium subscriptions and festival or concert tickets. The campaign PR was driven by Samsung, Spotify and the performing artists. Additionally, the campaign received online support with local targeting via social media, a microsite and a dedicated Spotify Playlist.

Result: The Samsung & Spotify On Tour campaign realised a significant sales increase of the Samsung Multiroom Speakers. The campaign resulted in higher brand awareness for both A brands, and more product awareness of the Samsung Multi Room Speakers. Other results: 9,800 vouchers distributed, 5,340 of which were scanned on board the truck (55%). The sales increase data are confidential.