Samsung VR Pop up store Kalverstraat

Primary objective: achieving sales targets on Samsung Galaxy S7. Secondary objectives: generating brand and product recognition for the Samsung Gear VR headset and the Samsung Gear 360 camera. Claiming Samsung as an innovative brand. Background information: At the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam Samsung is opening a temporary pop-up store, designed by Quinces partner Store of Brands, to promote their headset and 360 camera Target group: consumers with an actual or latent purchasing need for a new smartphone. Period: February - March 2016.

Quince developed a VR experience, customised for the Samsung Gear VR, taking the consumer on a unique tour of the city of the future within Samsung’s world. The VR experience is enhanced by taking place in the State-of-teh-Art Whiplash Chair. This chair responds in detail to the movements experienced in the virtual world. A team of promotion ladies invite shoppers (esp. the target audience for the S7) to experience the Samsung Gear VR experience inside the shop. The visitors are using the Gear with the new Samsung phone, the Galaxy S7. Everyone ordering the Galaxy S7 in the shop will receive a Gear VR headset as a gift, delivered together with the phone. During the VR experience, a picture of the participant is taken. It is printed immediately and placed on Samsung’s Facebook page. Participants receive a print of the picture in a paper frame and are invited to share their experience in social media.

Result: the Samsung pop-up store attracted 48,000 visitors. Of this total, 4,000 people experienced the whiplash chair in combination with the Samsung Gear VR. Participants shared their experience 2,000 times in the social media. The national media highlighted the promotion extensively, creating an enormous PR spin-off. Sales conversion is confidential.