Shopper Marketing Award

Samsung Experience Store

As the market leader in mobile and technology, Samsung aims for result-driven optimisation of the Shopper Experience within the retail channel. Quince was requested to realise an interactive retail environment for the Samsung Experience Store at Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. Primary objectives: increasing the brand experience of Samsung within the Samsung target group. Increasing product awareness of Samsung mobile devices and technology. Optimising the shopper experience within the retail channel and at product level. Secondary objective: increasing sales. Target group: consumers 16-35 years. Period: 2015.

Samsung claims market leadership in mobile and technology by offering the consumer the opportunity to experience both mobile and technology in interaction within a Samsung environment. Shoppers need ‘real-time’ information. Both online and offline within retail. In order to provide in this need, insights into shopper data are crucial; these are the so-called ‘actionable insights’. In order to collect these insights, Samsung is offering products and technology on the shop floor interactively. The consumer can experience directly how it is to use them. All data on consumer behaviour is measured and collected. This is based on using various tools: interactive displays registering consumer actions; heat-mapping registering the consumer’s movements through the store; and footfall, measuring the number of visitors and passers-by. With a central content management system, the content in the shop can be adjusted to actual requirements in real time. From the collected learnings, the customer experience is continually optimised. The shop was designed in hybrid mode for this reason. Everything is easily adjustable to realise the optimal experience for the consumer, generating maximum conversion for Samsung. The collected data enables Samsung to further expand brand experience and brand loyalty. Also within other Samsung retail channels.

Shopper behaviour is made transparent and the effects of outstore and instore communications (combined with insights such as seasonal or time window influences) can be measured. The data collected are translated into ‘actionable insights’. These insights, together with A and B testing on consumer behaviour continuously help Samsung realise the optimal shopper experience. This results are implemented at other Samsung touchpoints within the retail channel, shop-in-shops or even event-driven channels.. The sales and brand and product experience grew significantly. These statistics are confidential.