Hi – Helden van Hi (Hi-Heros)

Hi is a KPN Telecom subsidiary providing worry-free mobile communication for a young target group. In this market propositions change rapidly by new phones with new technologies and new services. How to keep the knowledge level of the Hi-employees up to date? The answer to that question happens to be one of the Quinces specialties.

‘Helden van Hi’ (Hi-Heros) is an online learning platform with a focus on team-play and competition. Hi employees are alerted by email and text messages to update their skills and involve team-mates to do the same. Through gaming elements they can win points, get rewards and increase their ranking.

‘Hi-Jack, the raging reporter’, pays a Hi-store a visit by surprise. The whole team can win a price when they answer his questions correctly and fast enough.

Hi-Heros was a unique sales activation program in 2009. Today, we see derivatives throughout the market.