Big show off

Primary objective: achieving sales targets on Samsung promotion models and provider subscriptions. Secondary objectives: product knowledge about Samsung, increasing promotion models, optimising collaboration within the teams on the shop floor. Target group: sales force in the 60 Telfort shops. Period: two months

Concept: 'The Big Show Off'. Mr. Big, once himself a ‘highly successful salesman’, challenges the sales teams in promotion videos to participate in online knowledge quizzes and sell as many promotion products as possible. The teams with the best knowledge and sales results are rewarded with ‘Show Off’ prizes. This system ensures maximum activation of personnel to explore in-depth product knowledge and focus on selling focal products. The sales promotion and in particular the ‘Show Off’ prizes are highlighted by Mr. Big in his striking ‘Show Off’ style with two-week promotion videos to Telfort employees. In each video, Mr. Big explains the specific activities in the coming period. Offering team prizes and enhancing mutual competition at individual and team level, the teams are encouraged to optimise collaboration (and sales results). The most successful teams will receive a prize. During the entire campaign period, a Mystery Shopper will be deployed to optimise the knowledge of the campaign and/or shop floor follow-up.

Result: 63% sales increase on the promotion subscriptions and focal devices, some in combination with subscriptions. 88% of Telfort employees participated in the knowledge quizzes with an 82% success rate. 91% of participants registered within 5 working days of the first promotion video being released. 93% of the stores fulfilled the campaign conditions (using promotional materials etc.). Infotainment such as promotion videos with knowledge quizzes are highly valued by the sales team as a tool for gaining and sharing knowledge. The competition has had a positive impact on the collaboration within the teams (and brand preference).